Other Products

Neem corporation also manufactures Urine Container, RIA Tube, Pasteurpipette Sputum Container and Many more as follow . . .

  • Specimen Container 50ml ( Urine Cup )

    Precision Molded Medical Grade Polypropylene
    Autoclavable, Odor Resistant, Transparent Graduated
    Air Tight Leak Proof Screw Cap
    Isolated Up to 50ml
    Available in Sterile Individual Pack & Non Sterile

  • Specimen Container 30ml / Sputum Container

    Precision Molded Medical Grade Polypropylene Autoclavable, Odor Resistant, Transparent Air Tight Leak Proof Screw Cap Isolated Up to 30ml Available in Non Sterile.

  • RIA Tube PS / PP

    Neecor Ria Tubes are Precision Moulded from Premium Grade inert virgin Polystyrene for clarity and Polypropylene for all-round Chemical Resistance, Unbreakable, Autoclavable. Tube dimensions and lot to lot uniformity are continuously monitored by stringent quality control checks. This ensures reliable and consistent performance. Neecor RIA Tube is suitable for a variety of applications including solid and liquid phase immunoassays as well as routine laboratory analysis.

  • Storage Vial

    Optimum finish
    Light weight
    Product Details:
    Storage of Sample for Long & Short Time
    Made From Medal Grade Polypropylene
    Air Tight, Leak Proof, Screw Cap

  • Lab. Reagents

    Carbol Fuchsin ( Strong ) 125ml
    Field’s Stain – A 500ml
    Field’s Stain – B 500ml
    Leishman’s Stain 500ml
    Methylene Blue ( Loeffler’s ) 125ml / 500ml
    Safranin 0.5 % W/V 125ml
    Giemsa’s Stain 500ml
    R.B.C Diluting Fluid 125ml
    W.B.C Diluting Fluid 500ml
    Semen Diluting Fluid 125ml
    Aceton Detection Reagent 100gm
    Barium Chloride 10% W/V 500ml
    Benedict’s Qualitative Reagent 500ml / 5 Ltr.
    Fouchet’s Reagent 250ml
    Hydrochloric Acid N/10 500ml
    Deionized Water 10 Ltr..

  • Pasteur Pipette

    ( Safe, Sample Liquid Transfer )
    Neecor Pasteur Pipettes are Safer, More Convenient alternative to glass Pasteur Pipettes. These Pasteur Pipette are made from Low Density Polyethylene which is chemically inert and non toxic to eliminate sample loss, and cross- contamination. These Pasteur Pipette is available in Non Sterile cases and in Sterile individual pack.
    Pasteur Pipette Capacity : 3ml

  • Biohazard Bag

    Water proof
    Fine finish
    High strength
    Product Details:
    Neecor's safe and easy Biohazard bag provides laboratories with safer method for collecting, autoclaving and disposing laboratory consumables
    Such as test-tubes, Pipette tips, specimen containers and other lab ware made from high density tear proof polyethylene material

  • Sterile Cotton Swab

    Dual Side (Inner & Outer Side)
    Locking Cap
    Easy For Collection and Leak Proof Transporting
    Available in Sterile Individual Pack

  • Petri Dish

    Chemical Resistance
    Contemporary design
    Product Details:
    We Neecor are one of the leading company engaged in offering a complete range of Petri Dish (Mono Plate & Dual Plate) are Precision Molded Medical Grade Polystyrene Virgin Material - Available in Sterile Individual Pack and Non Sterile. To fulfill the variegated needs of clients this bag is designed by utilizing high grade of polystyrene material and is available in various designs, sizes, prints and patterns. This product is highly appreciates by our clients due to its optimum quality and transparent nature. Clients can avail this petri dish from us at budget friendly prices.