Blood Collection Tube

  • Complete Automatic Micro Processor Control And Robotic Operated Unit which provide uniform additive in each tube.

    Disposable, Non-Toxic, Pyrogen Free.

    Unique Design, Transparent Tube made from Medical Grade Polystyrene which reduces the risk of spillover and contamination.

    Coated Stopper made from premium grade materials to avoid contamination. Also available with safety cap.

    Colour coded crown as per international colour coding standard for easy identification.

    Compatible with all kind of diagnostics systems and test.

    Ensures optimum performance quality with economical price.

Product Range

Blood Collection Tubes

: Serum Tube
: Clot Activator Tube
: K3 EDTA / K2 EDTA Tube
: Fluoride Tube
: Citrate Tube
: ESR Tube

Future Products

  • Centrifuge Tube

    Vaccum Blood collection Tube

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